well, hello monday…

How are you?! Tell me of your life!!
It’s been so long! A full week!

Last week was so. busy. and I was trying to be good and study for my certification day on Saturday. I knew I needed to cut something out and the blog took a hit. Did you miss me? I sure missed you!

The entire week was indeed busy. Filled with teaching and studying and random life things. I left work early on Friday (as always, right?!) and drove to Columbus. I found out from Erin, over at Her Heartland Soul, that my girl Meghan Trainor had a couple new tunes. Naturally, I rolled down the windows, blared the new songs and sang at the.top. of my lungs for most of the way there. on repeat. We ate some black-bean-brown-rice-sweet-potato bowls for dinner and chatted for the night. Of course, I feel asleep at 9:30 and dozed off and on while the girls talked and the new kitten ran all over and pounced on me.

matching scarves!

matching scarves!

Up bright and early on Saturday morning to get in some last minute studying, before heading to my group fitness certification. The day went by so quickly. It was alot easier that I expected. I made a few new friends and even got in a tiny workout. I got out a bit early and met up with almost all the thugs for a taco bar foster care baby shower. Such fun.


Favorite pumpkin treat of the season so far – pumpkin tortilla chips. GAH! So good.
After the party, we had some solid thug time and such wonderful talks. Seriously, so so blessed by these ladies.


Sunday was a slow relaxing morning. We made some bulletproof coffee, eggs, and bacon for breakfast. Then, we ventured out to TJ Maxx, World Market (LOVE that place), and a few other places, before heading back for leftovers – which means I likely ate a full bag of tortilla chips over the course of the weekend and tons of salsa. On the way home, even more Meghan Trainor. Which means I finally know all the words to the new songs, after a good 3 hours of her 4 songs on repeat all weekend. #obsessed.

Now, I’m typing away, after a trip to Target, more than one serving of cinnamon raisin granola for dinner, a small cup of chai tea, and 2 benedryl pills. I’ve had this bark-y asthma cough all week and I’m refusing to go to the doctor until I actually feel sick. So, just taking it easy tonight.

Be on the lookout for posts this week. Until then, enjoy this week’s ‘well, hello monday…

on diets: the best for you

on lifting weights: confidence

on living: like Bey. ‘ery day.

on productivity: and getting stuff done

on rest: mental and physical

on cherishing moments: just be

on being fit: what it means

on moving: every single day

on working out: back to basics first

on my ‘I wish I could do all the workouts’ list: one. two. three. four. five

on my ‘must try fall’ recipes: one. two. three. four. five

on my ‘gosh, I love fall because I LOVE plaid’ list: one. two. three. four.

on my ‘future house ideas’ list: one. two. three. four.



Love love love that quote.
Looking forward to the week. After a great weekend, I am ready to tackle the week and some goals!
Planning on making it a LEGENDARY week.

You should too.

- jena.

p.s. What was your favorite thing about the weekend?!

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well, hello monday…


Happy Monday!
How are you doing?
Is it starting to look like fall in your neck of the woods?
It felt like fall the.entire.weekend.

Speaking of which, how was your weekend? Friday was cloudy, but cool I got my hairs cut and spent the evening just relaxing, catching up on blogs and watching Gilmore Girls. Can I just say – I hate Dean when he is married and cheats with Rory. He’s a not cool at all guy.

Saturday was seriously one of the best days i’ve had in a while. The workout bud and i hung out for the day. First stop was Bloomington to see my grandma or Omi, as we call her. We chit chatted a bit before a ridiculously great breakfast at Uptown Cafe. A delicious spinach, bacon and mushroom omelet AND sourdough bread. I ate the entire plate.


Then we ventured a bit further south to Brown County State Park for some hiking. It had been cloudy all morning, but the sun finally came out when we arrived. The weather was seriously perfect. Here’s a few snapshots for you. There were even monkey bars!





After some trails and a few yoga poses, we headed up to the outlet mall. I managed to find 2 pair of jeans at Gap Outlet that didn’t give me a huge gap (hehe) in the back. We both tossed around the idea of getting new running/workout shoes, but decided against it. Dinner was so tasty – margaritas, fries, steak and a some roasted veggies for something healthy!

Sunday morning was a great church service, followed by some grocery shopping. I did a bit of food prep. I can never eat too many meals that I don’t make myself or have too much popcorn/root veggie chips. My tummy needs ‘clean’ food after. Which is why I had to start my afternoon with some juice. I enjoyed the Sunday afternoon, and then headed to the parents house for dinner. They invited the workout bud over, so we had some stir-fry, played some basketball and went for a walk…to get CANDY CORN!!


Great weekend, but not long enough. Another busy week ahead: teaching, STUDYING, and getting ready for my certification AND a weekend with some of the thugs in Columbus.

oh, and remember Michelle Warnkey from Ninja Warrior?!? Well, just so happens she is in Columbus and knows my friend Jessi. and is having a a Ninja Training event next Sunday night!!!!! I am BE.YOND. pumped for this. I’ll be sure to take lots of good photos for you.

This week’s edition of ‘well, hello monday…’ is a little short. In my busy work week, I didn’t have as much time as usually to check out awesome posts to share. But, some of my favorites from the week are included.

on rushing: slow down instead

on life: being in motion

on changes: 4 EASY steps

on fat shaming: and having a six pack

on setting intentions: move. nourish. believe. <– this starts today! check it out and JOIN!

on my ‘must try workout’ list: one. two. three.

on my ‘i want all the foods’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

on my ‘use these outfits as layering inspiration; list: one. two. three. four. five.

on my ‘yes, i want this for my future house’ list: one. two. three.



Love that.
Happy Birthday shout-out to the workout bud. He turns the big 2-8 today.

Make your Monday Legend.Ary.

- jena.

p.s. What was your favorite thing about the weekend?!

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full body kettlebell burner

It’s no lie that I’ve been LOVING kettlebells lately. I’ve mentioned it a few times before, so many that there’s no point in trying to link to a specific post. Just take my word for it.

My week was pretty crazy. Anyone else? I ended up not being able to take photos for this post until Wednesday. I had this whole bit written about how I brought a not-cute outfit for the workout, since I wasn’t teaching. And it just so happened to be an outfit that I’d worn for another workout on the blog. I decided to just go with it and make a funny out of it. But, alas, it’s late on Thursday night and I am not up for editing photos. I’m watching Gilmore Girls with my windows open, trying to stay awake long enough to type this post. It’s only 8:20pm.

Anywho, back to the workout, which is what you are really here for anyways right? In the mood for a solid workout featuring kettlebells?!

I love kettlebells. So very much. Why, you ask?

I’ve said it before, strength and cardio, all in one little odd shaped bell. plus, they burn tons of calories. find out more about the benefits of kettlebells here and here.

My plan was to do 7 rounds, but after 1 full round, I decided to only do 3. It took about 40 minutes or so. I only used 1 kettlebell for this workout (for most of it), which was a 25# bell. If you have access to different size bells, feel free to use different weights for the different exercises. I could have upped the weight for a few (I was swinging a 22kg (48#) bell this week), but I wanted to create a workout that would still be effective only using one bell.

This workout is great for balance because the exercises are either single arm or single leg. Make sure to keep the core tight and braced. kettlebells


Anyone else ready for the weekend? I’m heading to see my grandma for brunch, go on a hike and go to the outlets for some shopping. And there will be some studying mixed in there too.

Remember that AMRAP bar challenge from last friday?! Want to know the winners?!

CONGRATS! Make sure to send me your contact info [jena@burpeesforbreakfast.com] and I’ll get your mailing info AND the flavor you would like to try, on over to the AMRAP team.


happy Feeling Fit Friday!

- jena.

p.s. Do you like kettlebells? What is your favorite exercise?

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