beautiful back + biceps circuit (w/finisher)

friday is here!
anyone else excited?!

so, yesterday, i canceled my gym membership. it was quick and painless. i had some time to kill before my class, so decided to run to TJ Maxx to grab a pack of socks. sometimes, shopping in TJ Maxx can be as bad as target, if you know what i mean. i decided i’d check out some workout clothes.

i grabbed a few things, but i wasn’t really expected any of things to fit or that i would like them enough to want to purchase. why is it whenever i don’t want to buy anything – i find so many things! i wanted almost everything i brought into the fitting room.


and i felt like everything looked good. i ended up leaving with a little more than socks – and only 1 thing with a little pink border. i love pink and i have WAY TOO MANY workout clothes that are pink.

speaking of everything looking good, i was just having an all around good body day yesterday afternoon. i felt super great in my workout outfit and really strong during class. love those days!


double selfie

double selfie

today, i’ve got a back | bicep | cardio workout for you. this morning i taught bootcamp and it was my day to come up with a back | bicep | cardio workout. this is not the workout i made up for class, but it does have a few of the same exercises.

for this workout, you’ll need at least 1 set of dumbbells at mid-weight (i used 8lbs). if you have two, all the better for the bicep curls (i used 15lbs). this would be a great circuit for the gym. you’ll also need a stability ball and enough space to do a little carioca.
remember carioca from middle school gym class?!! i’m bringing it back!

we’ve got some compound exercises in the workout today. you’ll be working that core, glutes, hamstrings and quads, in addition to your back | biceps.

grab your timer or timer app on your phone. set it for 1:00 work | :15 rest | 18 rounds. if you are at the gym or happen to have battle ropes, set your timer for 2 minutes for the finisher.



  • keep core and glutes tight throughout all exercises. keep your mind on the muscle you are working, especially those biceps!
  • back extensions modification:  if you do not have a stability ball, you can do supermans (or superwomans!)
  • romanian deadlift to reverse fly: with a slight bend in your knees, shoulders back and down, weights held out in front of you, hinge at your hips and lower the weights straight down in front of you. back should be completely flat and parallel to the floor (keep those lower abs TIGHT). when back is parallel to the ground, use shoulder blades to ‘fly’ the weights back – arms should be straight or have a slight bend. pretend there is a cup or card in between your shoulder blades and you are trying to squeeze it. lower weights back in front of you and come up out of the deadlift, squeezing the glutes and lower abs on the way up. repeat.
  • high low jabs
  • carioca: make sure to be light on your toes and drive that knee up
  • manmakers: rather than a clean and press, when coming up out of the burpee, stand and perform a bicep curl
  • battles ropes: stay low. those quads and glutes should be on fiiiiyyyaaa by now!
  • if you want to do the finisher, but don’t have access to battle ropes, you should sub a sumo squat hold with front jabs (hold 3-5lb dumbbells for advanced) for the battle ropes – 10 reps each arm. get loooooowwww in that squat.

so glad for friday. it’s been a good week – more relaxing. got a little reading done. i’m planning on finally watching divergent tonight and figuring out a fun circuit for bootcamp tomorrow – my first saturday workout. want it to be fun, but tough!

happy fit friday!!!

- jena.

p.s. what are your friday plans? are you a fan of TJ Maxx?

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wiaw: getting my super on edition [skoop review]

happy wednesday!
things are little different this wednesday.
i’m sharing some awesome photos from my 5 day challenge with skoop. plus, you’ll get to read me brag on them a bit.

we all know i’ve got some gut issues. that i am slightly obsessed with getting in all my greens every day. and that i love smoothies. so when i found out about skoop – a gluten-free, vegan superfood green powder with probiotics, i knew i had to try it.
luckily, i got the hook up through 2 awesome blog friends lindsay and madelyn and was able to try the skoop 5 day challenge.

photo 1

a little about skoop

skoop, or healthy skoop, is a plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO superfood green powder. superfoods put critical micronutrients and phytonutrients into your tank (tummy).’ All these awesome ingredients do wonders for your body like fight inflammation, increase energy, and build your immune system. plus, superfoods are ‘ the best way to get micro and phytonutrients into the body.’ skoop believes that ‘you are what you absorb. and nutrients only work if they get absorbed.’

as someone that has suffered from leaky gut and other such tummy issues, i know that your body suffers when it can’t properly absorb the nutrients you feed it. skoop is simple, easily absorbed by the body, and full of nutrients and probiotics that can help build a healthy gut!

the 5 day challenge

my 5 day challenge included a combination of the a-game single packets – sweetgreens and chocofresh. skoop a -game is ‘an anti-oxidant rich, micro and phytonutrient-dense blend [of 41 plant-based ingredients] that help fight inflammation and acidic buildup while building all-day energy, productivity and resilience.’

one serving of skoop contains between 4466mg (choco) – 5086mg (sweetgreens), 1600mg organic fruit blend, 1000mg veggie blend, 952mg anti-oxidant blend, 500mg adaptogen herb blend, 400mg greens blend, and only 3g sugar! and it’s full of probiotics and healthy omega-3 fats.

uh, don’t know about you, but that’s a whole lot of great things packed in one little powder. 20140715-192034-69634118.jpg

so, the challenge – and i love the title –  ‘to get your super on‘ – spans, you guessed it, 5 days. it’s ‘about putting together 5 mornings in a row because research shows that doing something positive for yourself first thing in the morning leads to more of the same.’

the challenge packet was full of all kinds of great information, including a fact sheet, informative and fun booklet, plus 2 skoop stickers.


how i got my super on

i decided to do the challenge after my thug weekend. i knew i wouldn’t be eating like normal and that my body would be craving healthy green things when i got home. plus, i didn’t have my probiotics with me the entire trip, so i was so ready for a green drink first thing monday morning! 20140708-201000-72600092.jpg

first morning was a sweetgreens pack. i added a few frozen banana cubes to some almond milk and blended away. SO good. it was just the right amount of sweet – and it didn’t have that artificial sweet flavor that so many superfood greens packs have. the stevia and honey were perfect.


next up was a chocogreens packet. i blended some frozen strawberries and banana with my almond milk. a little banana split green smoothie, if you will. another great treat. 20140715-192033-69633574.jpg

day 3, back on the sweetgreens wagon. i added a little extra pineapple to the smoothie, along with the banana and almond milk. by day 3, i was so ready for my skoop each morning.


thursday. post class strawberry choco smoothie. this made me think of strawberry milk – which i used to love as a kid, but will never touch again, unless it’s make with dairy-free milk an real strawberries. coincidentally, this baby was made with almond milk, frozen strawberries, and chocogreens. got my strawberry…smoothie on. and my greens. win win. 20140715-192034-69634658.jpg

friday, friday, friday. i decided to jump off the smoothie train. simple – sweetgreens and almond milk. blender bottle. pour into cute little mason jar with a few ice cubes. still just as tasty!

will i get my super on again?!

i think it is safe to say i’ll be getting my super on again. i’ve really been wanting to find a good green supplement and probiotic. i take quite a few supplements for my stomach, including probiotics. my current probiotic needs to be refrigerated and occasionally, forget to take it…or can’t remember if i take it. i will never pass up on a smoothie or ‘smoothie like drink’. i love the fact that i can get that fix AND get some probiotics and other superfood nutrients at the same time.

i’ll be getting some skoop once it’s time to get a new round of probiotics. i am thinking i’ll take skoop in additional to my other probiotics – maybe not drink up every day.

and, i saw that skoop now has a PROTEIN POWDER (b-strong)!! i’m all up for trying and reviewing that if they need any more reviews. :)  not sure how it will compare to my favorite, vega, but it’s got 16g of protein and other great things, so i am sure i’ll have to give a try with my order.

make sure you head on over to the website and check it out. it is SUPER informative and just fun. maybe take the challenge ‘to get your super on!’

are you craving a smoothie now? i am! you can try this recipe if you want – and let me know what you think.

make sure to check out other what i ate wednesday posts at peas and crayons.

- jena.

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well, hello monday…


monday. monday. monday!
how are you all doing?! how was the weekend? are you ready for the week?

my weekend was not exactly what i expected for my ‘me’ time, but it was still pretty great. haircut on friday – my girl nicole did it again. any indy readers that need a legit haircut, let me know. nicole is the best ever.

i went home to my new reebok nano 2.0 crossfit shoes!!!! i was a bit nervous that they might not fit, but it’s like they were made for my feet! aren’t they pretty!


saturday morning was pretty low key, ran some errands (at target), wrote a saturday session post on balance (click in case you missed it), and made a trip to the library. i ttthhhiiiinnkkkk i was a little to overzealous with my book selections. mostly because i highly doubt i’ll be able to get through just one before half of them have to go back in 2 weeks. going to see how it goes.


that dairy-free ice cream book. oh. my. word. (said in chris treager fashion) i literally want to eat every. single. thing. this book is a winner. i might just have to purchase it for my collection. and the jane fonda book. probably going to do the workout this week. and i can’t say that i won’t find a leotard and leg warmers to wear while i do it…


i spent the evening making workout plans for my mom and the workout bud, catching up on more blogs, and watching hart of dixie. i found episode 1-5 on the cw, but i’m looking for a place to watch the rest of the season for free. if anyone knows where to find it, let me know. (blogger loses readers because she can’t quit talking about how much she loves hart of dixie).

sunday was church, a bit of grocery shopping and some relaxing. the root veggie chips i ate saturday night has milk as an ingredient. the only terra chips brand i’ve found with milk as an ingredient. anyway, i figured i’d be okay. not so much this morning. dairy is just not even close to being my friend. ever again. my body hates it.

but, it’s monday, and i’m all better now. time for another edition of ‘well, hello monday...’

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on being a woman: and doing ‘girly’ things

on fitspo: taking a deeper look <– more to come on this one

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on my ‘must try workouts’ list: one. two. threefour.

on my ‘i NEED all these things. right. now.’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

on my ‘good frills for summer’ list: one. two. three.

on my ‘take note for future house decorating’ list: one. two. three. four.

i really want this pup.


isn’t that the cutest puppy ever! i want him!

happy monday.
make it legendary.

- jena.

p.s. what are you up to this monday?!

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